Canadian Exports
Canadian Exports

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: What is Canadian Exports, and what are some of the benefits from registering my business?

A1: Canadian Exports is the Export Promotion Magazine of Canada. We are a Canadian leader in global trade, as our e-Magazine and interactive website available in 32 languages allow you to find international buyers and distributors for your products and services.

Some of the many benefits of registering your company with us include:

1- Showcasing your products and services to more than 100,000 importers, buyers and business partners in over 120 countries.

2- Tons of new business leads generated.

3- Customized assistance from Canadian Exports throughout the exporting process.

4- Access to our third party partners and service providers, which can greatly facilitate important steps such as shipping, forwarding, translation and more.

5- Some of our consulting and referral services are free!


Q2: Who reads Canadian Exports Magazine?

A2: Canadian Exports is distributed to overseas businesses, buyers, importers, representatives, distributors, government sourcing and purchasing agencies, government officials and potential joint venture partners, as well as any international business that contact us to express their interest.


Q3: How many businesses does Canadian Exports reach?

A3: Currently, Canadian Exports reaches more than 100,000 businesses in over 120 countries, plus all 50 United States. Our readership is constantly growing.


Q4: Is Canadian Exports available online? 

A4: Yes. Canadian Exports is available in both HTML and PDF formats. Visit to view our most recent issue.


Q5: Is Canadian Exports available in languages besides English?

A5: Yes. Our website supports 32 languages!


Q6: What kind of information can I expect to find in the magazine or on the website?

A6: Canadian Exports is an Export Promotion Magazine. Our publication contains Business Profiles (ads) of Canadian products and services as well as articles about Canada and Canadian exports. Our magazine is sent only to targeted international businesses, and our website promotes different aspects of life and business in Canada.


Q7: What are some of the advanced benefits of registering my company with Canadian Exports?

A7: In addition to the benefits stated in question #1, some of the key strengths of Canadian Exports include:

1. Credibility. The magazine is distributed by reliable and established business partners, including Chambers of Commerce, Business Councils and other Import/Export Associations

2. Exclusivity. No other publication offers the range and quality of services at the competitive rates that we provide

3. Reasonable costs. On a comparative basis, you’ll find that advertising in Canadian Exports is extremely cost effective

4. International Distribution. Our services allow you to reach more than 100,000 interested businesses in over 120 countries worldwide. These numbers are constantly growing.

5. Personal Support and Follow-Up: Our Exporting partners have access to a wide range of export-related services and guidance.

6. Direct Contact with Potential Buyers: Unless you ask for our assistance, you will be communicating directly with international businesses. We can provide assistance or consulting services, should you require them.

7. Tax deductible: Our service fees are all 100% tax deductible


Q8- What is the cost of a company Business Profile (ad) in your publication?

A8: Basic profiles are free. Small and new businesses also get free registrations. For everyone else, we offer a wide range of options to suit your needs and budget. Our rates are based on factors such as profile (ad) size, shape, design and duration. Our rates are always highly competitive. Feel free to contact us directly for a free quote, or to answer any other questions you may have.


Q9- How will my company’s business profile stand out?

A9: We place profiles under separate Business Categories such as Chemicals, Machinery, Franchising and Environment, among others. These categories are clearly divided within the Magazine and are color coded for visual distinction. To insure that each ad stands out, we put only a few profiles (ads) in every category.


Q10- How do I know that my company’s business profile will get into the hands of the right people?

A10: Canadian Exports is distributed through (and referred by) Business Councils, Chambers of Commerce and other import/export associations in over 120 countries. Unlike business directories, our publication will be sent only to businesses that have expressed direct interest. 


Q11- Sounds too good to be true!

A11: Actually no! It’s simply an effective way to do business. Export Promotion Magazines, tools and services are present in all industrial countries around the world, and our research shows a correlation between the number of such publications and the degree of success of the export industry in a specific market (India and China are good examples). Our publication is designed to help your business to maximize its export potential and capture global business opportunities.


Q12- Is Canadian Exports an Online Business Directory? If not, how is it different?

A12: No. We have our own Online Business Directory, which contains more than 1.2 million Canadian businesses and is offered for free. The main differences between Canadian Exports and an Online Business Directory are:

1- Canadian Exports advertises less than 300 businesses per issue, whereas a “Business Directory” contains millions. Advertising with us therefore allows you to stand out in the marketplace.

2- Canadian Exports contains only exporters (unlike a “Business Directory”, which contains any and every business).

3- Canadian Exports is a safe, secure and reliable way of breaking into new markets and/or increasing market share for companies around the world.

4- Canadian Exports is always travelling the globe in search of new markets, opportunities and buyers. In comparison, a “Business Directory” is simply a static online tool, a passive online resource.


Q13: What is the method of payment? Will I be asked to give my bank account information or credit card number over the phone?

A13: No. We never ask for any personal or confidential information such as bank account information or credit card numbers. You can send us payment through services like PayPal or Interac money transfer. Alternatively, we can also send you an invoice by physical mail. 


Q14- Is there a deadline for my company to approve the order and make the payment?

A14: Yes. There is a deadline for every issue, in accordance with the printing schedule. The sales consultant who takes your order will inform you of the current deadline.


Q15- How do I sign up to be included in Canadian Exports?

A15: Registration takes only a few minutes. You can register your business here, or call us toll-free right now at 1-877-333-3014. One of our consultants will be happy to assist you.


Q16- Can I modify my Business Profile after it’s been registered? 

A16: Yes. You will be given a user name and a password. You can modify your Business Profile online as many times as you’d like, at no extra cost.

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