Canadian Exports
Canadian Exports

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   -  Basic listing in Canadian Exports is free of charge

   -  Premium listing for new and small businesses (one year old or less, two employees or less) is free of charge

   -  Existing clients: you can benefit from same rates and promotions when you renew your membership

   -  New clients, who never used our services before, can benefit from our introductory offer:


   (i)  Three - month membership:      $270 (one month free)

   (ii)  Six-month membership:            $486 (two months free)

   (iii) One-year membership:             $864 (four months free)


In return, you will get unlimited access to all our services, including, but not limited to:

   - top listing in your Business Category as well as search results pages

   - a comprehensive list of the relevant financing programs that cover part or all of your export related expenses. This includes

     grants, tax credits, loans, and so on

   - a minimum of one hundred Real, Fresh, and Current business opportunities per month, every month

   - detailed report of the behaviour of your business profile visitors: bounce rate, conversion rate, a comparison of these rates to

     those of your competitors and other exporters in your industry

   - special rates and discounts, exclusive t our premium members, from other export related service providers, such as shipping,

     clearing, translation, and so on

   - and much more that you can find out here: ,

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